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Ethan spent 25 years in corporate finance and administration, business development, training, strategic planning, and enterprise infrastructure development. His diverse career spans numerous industries, including cable and broadcasting, biomedical engineering, banking, education, digital media, commercial drones, and healthcare.


Ethan has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to systematizing processes for operating efficacy, transparency, compliance, safety, business continuity, and profitability throughout his career. He now brings these skills to Primecare, where he serves as a chief financial officer, working closely with his team, our chief executive officer, and our chief growth officer to chart our strategic growth.


When he is not in the office, Ethan sits on the external advisory board of the Undergraduate Research & Innovation program at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Ethan helps students refine, develop, and commercialize STEM innovations within this forum. As for leisure, he enjoys traveling, history, philosophy, and the outdoors.


Ethan attended NJIT, where he studied both chemical engineering and financial management.


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