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Meet Melissa Parker, the Executive Director of Primecare Home Care Services, who brings over ten years of experience in the home care industry, specializing in pediatric and senior care. With her servant leadership style, Melissa is committed to ensuring that all patients receive exceptional care.

With a background in Psychology, Melissa has a unique understanding of the human mind and its impact on healthcare. She is passionate about providing high-quality care that addresses her patients' physical, emotional, and mental needs. Her dedication to patient care is evident in the exceptional outcomes her team achieves.

Melissa's leadership has helped grow the pediatric department by an impressive 107% within one year, with a 95% compliance rate. She enjoys team building, public speaking, and allowing her team members to achieve personal and professional goals.

Melissa loves to cook and spend time with her blended family outside of work. She also has a passion for traveling, which has broadened her perspective and given her a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity.

With Melissa's leadership, Primecare Home Care Services is committed to providing exceptional care to patients in their homes and helping them live their best lives.

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